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NACS Cabling

Whelp.  With CCS dying in the US. We *really* need OpenEVSE to source an NACS cable or connector for existing OpenEVSE units.

Just opening the discussion. :-)

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@Sean Hunter Yes, our test unit can open the door from quite a distance, several spots away. We have not tested the exact range but it is WAY BETTER than the tesla unit.

NACS cables now in stock... 

25 feet 


With transmitter for tesla charge port doors.

I've had a couple of Tesla gen 2 mobile adapters fail over the last 3 years charging a Think City using a NACs to J1772 adapter.  This setup works fine, but the Think doesn't release the adapter contactors at end of charge.  Must be something to do with the way the Think treats the CP line after the charge is complete.  The first mobile charger I opened up had a failed AC contactor block.  I suspect the second will be the same.

I just ordered one of the new OpenEVSE advanced kits and plan to use one of the salvage Tesla mobile charger NAC cables for output.  I'm hoping to put a NACs connector on my converted Chevy S10 to match.

My My Tesla NACs cable questions are:

for the power wires, I have blue and brown.  For AC, is the brown wire neutral and the blue wire hot (120 vac) and both hot for 240 vac?  Green with yellow stripe should be safety ground.

The signal connector has 4 wires:

orange = proximity pilot

purple = control pilot

blue = +3.3vdc to power the RF transmitter to open the charge port door

white = I have no idea what this is for.  It doesn't seem to have any continuity to anything.  Is it the 3.3vdc return (-) or something else?


White on the Tesla cable is NTC temperature sensor it is 12K at room temperature and goes down as temperature goes up.

We can add connectors to our NACS cable to make it a direct replacement for Tesla HPWC Gen 3. 

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