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OpenEVSE - Level 2 Deluxe Charge Station Combo Circuit compatibility

I was looking at getting the OpenEVSE - Level 2 Deluxe Charge Station Combo with the 50amp max compatibility.

I put in a 30amp circuit into my garage and currently have a Volt. Can I hardwire this evse into the circuit or even use a NEMA 30amp connecter? It says I need a NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6 - 50 connecter to complete the kit (if I don't hardwire). 

I would like to have the future compatibility but right now only have a 30 amp circuit. 

Just set the Max Current not to exceed what your source circuit is rated at it will work fine.  

The 50A kit can be used on any circuit up to 50A. The button and menu can be used to set the current level in 2A increments to match your circuit.

50A Circuit - 40A Max

40A Circuit - 32A Max

30A Ciecuit - 24A Max

20A Circuit - 16A Max

15A Circuit - 12A Max


I have a 60A circuit (60A circuit breaker, #4 wire, and NEMA 14-60 receptacle).  With a 60A circuit, 48A should be ok, right?  Or is the 50A EVSE really a 40A EVSE?

The Packard C240C contactor is rated up to 50A resistive load, so if you have wiring and a J1772 cable that can handle 48A you will be okay.

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Thanks! :)

In the diagram of 3 phase, the control made by line 1, wy we can’t do it in neutral?
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