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Schematics of v4 board

Where can I find the schematics of the v4 hardware?  I didn't find any links from your store or from this support forum.



if I go the store

I see in the right column:

  • Source Code
  • OpenEVSE Plus v4, GERBERS, Board and Schematic - ZIP
  • Connection Diagram - JPG
  • Firmware - Source

Is that something only I am seeing ?

I didn't think to look in the store on the stock entry for the board itself.  I thought that this info would be posted somewhere in the support pages, if nothing else but to ensure that when there's a 'v5' or when the v4 is out of stock that we can still find this information.

Could there be a "product" page on the support site for each piece of hardware that has been sold?  I'm thinking this would be the place to link pre-built firmware images for the unit in case someone wants to update with just the programmer and doesn't want to compile from the source.

For that matter it would be very helpful if the page Scott suggests linked to the source as well.  My Open EVSE no longer functions.  I have two of them, I've updated the firmware to the latest for one, but I would very much like to know for sure what firmware it was shipped with.  This means being able to see the compiled binary and the the source.


Good Idea Guys...

I pulled together all the source history and put them on Github. All the boards versions are there plus all the pre-compiled HEX files shipped...

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