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Connections on the V4 board

I bought the 30A deluxe unit with the V4 board.

I have the new button with screw connections - two wire - terminates in a 3 pin connector - with a "wire-blank-wire" pinout.

Where does the button connect on the v4 board?

Looking at the v4 diagram, and by process of elimination, I guess either "ground-mosi-5v" or "reset-sck-miso".  I am leaning toward "ground-mosi-5v" since this seems compatable with a button with power for light.

Also, I am not sure about the AC relay connections.  Comparing it to the V2.5 board, the RELAY COIL had 3 screw connections on the board, one common to both relays and then an individual wire from the board to each coil.  Can you please show how this unit is to be wired?  Are both coils wired with two common wires back to the board?

If someone has  a photo showing the whole unit wired up with the GFCI, LCD, Button, and Current measuring coil please post.  A few good photos would really help.



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