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NACS Cabling

Whelp.  With CCS dying in the US. We *really* need OpenEVSE to source an NACS cable or connector for existing OpenEVSE units.

Just opening the discussion. :-)

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My understanding is the communication expresses the vehicle ID, not the credit card information. The value of skimming information would only come if someone wanted to then replicate the vehicle ID to charge their own car. I can't imagine a pirate going so far just to steal a charge every now and then but this is a fair point.

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Yes it only sends the vin number. But what I’m saying is Tesla links that vin basically to your credit card. So by me spoofing it to get a bunch of free charges im basically performing cc fraud even though I’m not using your actual credit card info. Kind of like if I hack into your Amazon account where you store your credit/debit card, order a bunch of stuff and send it to an abandon house where I pick it up. Though I never had your cc info I just spent hundreds of your cash. This can recorder could be built into a portable device that simulates an EVSE plug it into the car grab the info. Then dump it in my man in the middle 1foot extension cable and charge away.

@Pir8radio The CAN pilot on only for DC Supercharging charging. On AC stations, Tesla uses the analog pilot on both the vehicle side and charging station (Tesla Wall Connector and Mobile unit).

Yes. Just pointing out that Teslas implementation of using Ken data is not wise in my opinion it allows for taking advantage of their net work. I hope that the Standard will not continue to use CAN data once they finish it for J3400. Hey, on a sidenote, two things one why do all my posts have to be approved lol and number two do you have any connections to buy a J 3400 connector directly from someone without having to buy a cable or some other assembly?

Most of your posts do not have to be approved. I see 2 in the bucket now, not sure why. One was yours from a few days ago and the other Electric Ant.

We do not have any source for NACS (SAE J3400) yet. We have been working with Phoenix Contact and ITT to get some, but they are not selling anything yet.

yea i have not had luck other than used stuff.     I did reach out to a few people that make tesla extension cables, they are getting the ends from somewhere.     one looks custom, i asked them if they would sell to me,   maybe they would sell to you for volume.   

Lectron makes one, and this place looks like they are having custom ends made?         

yea that post i just did about the tesla extensions said it needed approval too, as will this one..  every post i have made for quite a while needs approval.. I assumed it was like that for everyone on the forum.  lol   i usually have to wait a few days before i see my posts due to someone approving..    odd....

So, i've been searching for EV cables... they're actually kind of hard to come by bulk.

Southwire offers some EVE cables for EV charging:

It's all bulk though, so you'd likely have to make a large order.

SOOW 8/4 might work, but it's pretty bulky and it looks like you would need a massive 6/4 to support reasonable EV currents.  (also, SOOW doesn't generally come with signal wires, so you have to use a "full size conductor" for CP)

We have a source for bulk EV cable, that is easy. We even have our own custom cable printed "OpenEVSE EV Charging Cable EVJT UL E344662"

Nobody is selling NACS, cord sets, connectors or pins yet. All our suppliers are estimating Q1 -Q2 2024.

@OpenEVSE, we found ODU Automotive is selling NACS pins if you are interested. was able to get us quotes on pins.

We have recieved our first 10 - 48A NACS cables. Another 90 are on the way.

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I dont see them in your store, put me down for one.   lol

I'd like to get on the short list to get one of these NACS cables as well, please! No reason to buy a whole new (Tesla) EVSE when my OpenEVSE is already amazing :)

The first 10 pcs went into test units plus a couple kit bundles and prebuilt stations. We expect the 90pcs to ship on February 2nd. I will work on the product in the store so the NACS cable can be pre-ordered.

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Sweet, any update on the NACS cables? 

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