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openevse versions

as a newbie could someone run down the  versions

whats the difference between DIY v4 , V4.2 and openEVSE plus V4 ?

is there common firmware across all versions 

what versions support the LCD and load current monitoring 



The DIY v4, v4.2 and v4.21 were not official OpenEVSE products. They were designed by an OpenEVSE builder to be compatible with OpenEVSE code and contained some re-designed circuits. The design is older, not up to standard of the current boards and does not support current monitoring. The archive of the project is here: 

The current board available in the OpenEV store is the OpenEVSE PLUS v4 which does support current measurement and LCD.


is the DIY_OpenEVSE_PLUS git official OpenEVSE product? and is it  in sync with v4?



DIY_OpenEVSE_PLUS git was a official product a couple of years ago. It is equivalent to the v2.5. From the v4 it is missing the diodes on the AC_Detect and the IEC proximity pilot circuit.

tnx! i see also that it based on ATMEGA8 and not ATMEGA328P

It is the DIP version of the 328P, the schematic used a generic footprint.

R12 and R13 in the pilot circuit use to be 2.5k and R1 1K at 1%
in other versions i see R12/13 2.4k and R1 650oms or in version 4 620oms.
I'm about to order parts from digikey so what is the recommended values and do i need 1% tolerance or any 1/4w 5% will do?

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