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OCCP configuration

I'm trying to set up OCPP to connect to my homeasistant, but I don't think is working

In home assistant I get an unknown" status and the bellow error whenit tries to connect:

[MongooseOcppSocketClient] Connection to ws://xx.xx.xx.xx:9000/openevse-charger -- Connected

[MongooseOcppSocketClient] Processing WebSocket input event failed!

So my question is about the below fields on the OCPP configuration:

- ID Tag

- Transaction Start Point ( what do the 3 options mean?)

I can't find any documentation on how to configure OCPP, so any help wil be appreciated

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Hi Javier

I have the same problem, i dont understand how to use the OCPP parameters ?

I want to use my OpenEVSE like a public chargePoint car but i dont know how, i ve mailed to the chargemap french network but nobody can answer to me....

I m lokking for help but it s hard !

I agree: there is barely any documentation on OCPP on the openevse Site

I am not sure you b=can get ALL the functionality

I have it set it up using Home Assistant, and I enclose a couple of snapshots of my configuration - you will see there are "unknown" devices, an dId not set up all the configuration items, but for me is sufficient

Te only thing I found useful was you can use Developer Mode Serial Console ( System Tab) to see what the device is sending

Find attached my snapshots, I hope you find it useful

(303 KB)

EVSE Control board has reboot & shown GFCI error only while contactor connected. Please suggest how to resolve.

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