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firmware upgrade


Just received my openevse 5.5 board

However, upon checking some of the options it seems some are missing

My version is 7.1.3, but the latest is 8.2.0.

I bit dissapointed that I did not received a module with the last release

Looking at the upgrade instructions, and they don't seem to have been updated

On one of the last steps, it mention yo need  3 files; flash.bat, open_evse.hex and eeprom_24.bin

However, on the repository for the last release ( 8.2.0)  there are a couple of hex files ( I assume I should use openevse.hex), there is no  bin o flash.bat files

What am I missing?

should just run the command to flash the hex file as per the Readme file:

`$ avrdude -p atmega328p -B6 -c usbasp -P usb -e -U flash:w:firmware.hex`

Any help appreciated

I don't know!

How can I check?

I've just installed a new VSCode + Platformio environment on a fresh Win10 machine, downloaded the the latest V4.1.3 project from github and tried to compile it, without success so far. It fails immediately.

Please take a look on the picture attached. You will also see how to check the espressif32 version that you are using.

By the way, the binary you made yesterday has been compiled from a V4.1.2dev version source code. Can you double check which version of code are you using?
Thank you!

(41.2 KB)

It seems I may have two exprssif libraies installed, see snapshot

I don't know how to check the version, this is all I could get

Not the version of platformio but the OpenEVSE WiFi source.

Can you please compile me the exact version of V4.1.3?

Here is the direct link to that version:

You can download the Source code (zip) below in the Assets, unpack, set the nodemcu-32s as default and compile.

Thank you in advance!

So, after a lot of struggle I figured out what was caused the compile error. I hope it will help others to get rid of this issue.

It turns out that the platformio is not able to find the "framework-arduinoespressif32" at version "2.10004.191002" required by "espressif32" version "1.11.1". It should be downloaded manually, I found it at sourceforge:

The content of the compressed file must be copied into folder:


This way the project will compile and binaries will be created.


With version 4.1.3 on first boot the webpage now says "Loading, please wait... (/)". It does the same using precompiled binaries from the git project page.

György, do you still need the compile of version 4.1.3?

I have been away, so I was not able to look at this

If you still need it, I will compile and send you the link


Hi Javier,

I was able to compile the code at the end so I have the latest firmware and it works with my Nodemcu-32S board.

Now I'm hunting components to build the hardware. Most of components I have already, but the current transformers (CR8420-1000-G and CR8450-1000) I'm not able to find anywhere.

Thank you for your help!

glad you managed to program the board

can't you buy the current transformers from USA?

I know is not ideal, but at least you know they work!


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