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Is RAPI enabled by default?


I'm trying to hook up my OpenEVSE to a Raspberry Pi using this manual. I've bought both a FTDI USB cable and a PL2303HX cable. When I connect the pins as described the EVSE boots and display starts. However, no matter how I try to connect the cables, I do not get any communication going between the raspberry and the EVSE. 

When trying to connect using:

screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

I get a blank screen, entering $ does not do anything.


- Do I need to enable the RAPI somehow? Or is it enabled by default (FW 3.10.3)?

- Does anybody have experience using PL2303HX or FT232RL?

Thanks for your help!

That was the trick indeed!

So for PL2303HX USB cables, the order is:

1. Black

2. Empty

3. Red

4. Green (Txd according to spec)

5. White (Rxd according to spec)

6. Empty


RAPI is enabled by default. You may want to try swapping RX and TX lines.

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