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de-couple menu and function?

Is there a way to f.ex. remove the service level menu, without hurting functionality?

I wanted to trim down my menu options to only include max current, and possibly ground checks, but found that service level auto-detection stopped working if I commented out 

SvcLevelMenu g_SvcLevelMenu;



at the top of open_evse.ino. 

I figured the other features would be better handled over bluetooth and RAPI or even usb/ttl on the off chance its ever needed.

I realize this might be a major undertaking, but is there perhaps a clever way to add more Exit and Reset menu entries. So I could re-arrange the menu to have the most used options followed by exit and reset before all the other options followed after?

I am loving my OpenEVSE kit, it just takes a lot of key presses to change the charge rate at the moment. 

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