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firmware upgrade


Just received my openevse 5.5 board

However, upon checking some of the options it seems some are missing

My version is 7.1.3, but the latest is 8.2.0.

I bit dissapointed that I did not received a module with the last release

Looking at the upgrade instructions, and they don't seem to have been updated

On one of the last steps, it mention yo need  3 files; flash.bat, open_evse.hex and eeprom_24.bin

However, on the repository for the last release ( 8.2.0)  there are a couple of hex files ( I assume I should use openevse.hex), there is no  bin o flash.bat files

What am I missing?

should just run the command to flash the hex file as per the Readme file:

`$ avrdude -p atmega328p -B6 -c usbasp -P usb -e -U flash:w:firmware.hex`

Any help appreciated


With the software NodeMCU-PyFlasher and NodeMCU-PyFlasher the openevse_huzzah32.bin is installed

flash and done?


1) AFAIK, you cannot update the Controller firmware using NodeMCU; AVRISP and avrdude are the only way to update the Controller firmware.

2) The ESP's firmware can be updated via NodeMCU *if* you have a ESP32 module that has a USB interface. For other versions of the ESP32, a separate USB<->TTL hardware adapter is required for firmware updating, and esptool software.

If the above is incorrect -- if you know a way to update the Controller firmware without AVRISP & avrdude -- please post here so we can all benefit.

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Hi friend. the .bin files in which folder it has to be to flash. Thanks
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