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Invalid API key / Emoncms

I am getting 'Invalid API key'

I double checked the key from the 'Inputs' device and also tried creating a new one.

tried different servers.  gives me 'Invalid API key' gives me 'Invalid API key'

   emonpi/emoncms gives me 'Failed to connect'

additional note,  on  OpenEVSE, services, I put the key in the Emoncms write-apikey  field and click save, if I refresh the page and then click show password it is always blank, don't know if that is part of the issue.

I tried both the account APIkey and the input device APIkey.

Don't know why but this time the read/write API from the account worked,  the device API does not..

Did you get this to work with a local server (emonpi/emoncms) at all?

I got it working on online version, but I did have a Rpi zero setup at one time just to test it, I forget the outcome,  might still have the SD card with it setup.

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