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Troubleshooting DOA 50A Kit


I've searched "DOA", "Nothing", "Doesn't work" without success.

Basically, this is what is happening, nothing.

The 14-50 outlet is new, verified each leg, common, ground and both legs together.  Outlet is correct.

Confirmed power at the "AC Line" connections of the board, 220VAC, correct.

I wrote to request support.  Chris replied to suggest to disconnect the display.  Said it would work, boot up and cycle the relay if successful.  Thought that the 4-wire jumper may be backwards.  Did nothing after waiting about a minute, did not cycle the relay.

The thing just seems dead.

I'm waiting for another reply, but am anxious to get this EVSE working.  It will add significant utility to my LEAF to be able to use more than it's range once a day.

Any suggestions on what to check next?



Hi Ben,

There is a support topic here:

I think the best way forward it to send you a replacement board and a pre-paid label to send the DOA back.


Hi Chris,

Sounds like a reasonable next step.

Thank you for the good service.


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