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OpenEVSE died on changing current

Today as I changed the charging current from 30A to 8A the OpenEVSE just went black on saving the new current and the car stopped charing. 

Checked external fuses and wiring, no visiible damage. Thought maybe it was a temperature  shutdown, as inside was maybe in the high 40ies. 

Not sure if the current changing is related, but timing was spot on.

Tips on where to start looking?

Having read

No AC power to AC_Input 

 - Measured 240V AC OK

LCD 4-pin connector is reversed 

- Disconnected

Fuses next to AC_Input on the board blown (labeled "bel")

- Measured ok

Power Supply module has failed

- Measured AC at input, no DC on output.

Any tips on where to get a mpm-04d-1205e replacement?

Hej Bjørn,

Try Switching power supply 4 W, TMPM 04115, Traco Power. Specs are the same, haven't checked dimensions but it looks identical.

Please note, that the picture in the link above is from another model

Hope it helps :)

Thanks, looks to be the same; but kinda pricey. Comes to about $35 after shipping and taxes. Think I'll just get a new OpenEVSE board and leave busted one alone for now. Would be interesting to find out why died, the board worked fine when run off lab power supplies.

I thought you were in Norway..

For US try this

This one is the same as in OpenEVSE V4.

Oh, I am in Norway, we just like to be expensive;) Might get the one from Elfa if I need to order something else from them. But hopefully the new board will ship soon and then it's no longer top priority. Thanks again:)
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