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EVSE Not detecting EV on firmware >5.1.0

I’ve successfully updated my board to 5.1.0 with good result. When trying any higher release, ideally latest firmware (7.1.3) the EVSE is not detecting that the EV is connected and hence is not starting the charge. I have the advanced kit, bought in the beginning of 2019. I’ve also tried with an ESP32 with 4.0.1 for the WIFI, but no difference. As soon as I put 5.1.0 or lower firmware on EVAE board it starts working again, so it shouldn’t be a connection issue. Any ideas of what’s wrong? I’ve primarily tested with the emonevse firmware (EU) for 3-phase.

Yeah, I experienced similar troubles too. Looks like the V4 WIFI firmware has some issues with the basic functions:


OpenEVSE FW = 5.0.1

WIFI FW = 4.0.1

RESULT = charging, but not working properly.

Details here:


OpenEVSE FW = 7.1.3

WIFI FW = 4.1.0

RESULT = Charging, but not working properly.

Details: Display and JSON not reflecting PILOT settings changed via WEB GUI. Only after WIFI module restart, the display and JSON shows the correct value.

So, I downgraded WIFI FW to V3.3.2 and it started working okay, immediately.

Yes, rev 5 hardware here, you as well?

Are you on v5 hardware, maybe that’s part of the problem...


Interesting, I settled with OpenEVSE: 5.1.3 and WiFi 3.3.2, has been working good for a while now. Didn't even try with 7.1.3 and 3.3.2 since the release notes stated a requirement of WiFi > 4.X.X.

Anyone with insight into firmware/hardware got a comment on this?

Would be nice to get things up and running with the latest and greatest :)

I dropped the wifi firmware back to Version: 3.3.2, and it's working again.


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same problem here. just upgraded to the 7.1.3 and cant charge.

same problem here.

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