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JSON - pilot

Hi guys!

bought OpenEVSE_PLUS_v5 kit in 2019 and in order to integrate it with my home automation I am reading EVSE operational values using JSON.

It worked great for years, but a month ago I swapped the original WIFI module with the ETH gateway module and since then JSON is returning "Pilot = 0" regardless of what's the real value of Max Current.

In the past, whenever I changed Max Current, JSON returned that value correctly.

What could be wrong, please?

(22.3 KB)

Yeah, sounds like a similar issue... especially when I checked the display on the box and there's "Ready 0A" written.

BTW, Could it be incompatibility between EVSE FW version and ETH gateway FW version? Since with the WIFI module it worked okay.

(838 KB)
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