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Hardware versioning and guides

The kit assembly guides ( mention at least three variations of hardware:

  • OpenEVSE v4
  • OpenEVSE v5 (discontinued)
  • Advanced and Value


This isn't confusing at all!

Is there a way of mapping product with its guide?  What I mean is, regardless of the year of manufacture, or version of the hardware I purchase and assemble, I should be able to locate the appropriate guide for that version.

Or, are the versions too disparate to be able to fine-tune the product-to-guide mapping in that way?

For example, if I were to purchase an Advanced 40A kit right now, I would guess that I want the "Advanced and Value" link (conveniently located in two different places), but guessing is not what you want customers doing if it can be avoided.

And, what will I click on to get the same guide in, say three years?  Will newer products be called something other than "Advanced and Value"?


We have modified the titles of all the guides to reflect the version of electronics and the date discontinued.

We currently have two products Advanced and Value  the difference is value does not have Wifi, current measurement or clock. Assembly is the same, just a few less components so the same guide is used.

The guides are now:

Current - v5 OpenEVSE Advanced and Value (Featured Guide)

Discontinued June 2016 - v4 OpenEVSE 30A Basic

Discontinued June 2016 - v4 OpenEVSE 30A Deluxe

Discontinued May 2018 - v4 OpenEVSE Advanced

Discontinued May 2018 - v4 OpenEVSE Standard

Discontinued May 2019 - v5 OpenEVSE Standard

I hope it is more clear now.


That's . . . perfect.  Really well done!

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