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OCPP Support

Are your charge points able to support OCPP, if not do you have any plans to develop anything ?

OpenEVSE has an extensive API to control all aspects of operation. OpenEVSE does not directly support OCPP but  is capable of interfacing with an external OCPP device.

OpenEVSE does not currently have any plans to develop OCPP software. 

I can see some value in having an OCPP interface to OpenEVSE. I'm thinking the quickest way to hack this together is to create an external protocol converter by taking an open source OCPP java library ( ) and running it on a RaspberryPi-class processor.

Yes, OCPP support would be fantastic. Did you get anywhere with this? We have an issue open with discussion in the Wifi FW github repo:

Did anybody see what this person was up to?

No links to source. I emailed them. 

Worth taking a look at the client applications from BCIT

They have written open source OCPP front ends for Clipper Creek and Schneider charge points.

Hi everyone, 

I wish to use OpenEVSE and OCPP 2.0 together?

I wish to connect with you if you have worked on the OpenEVSE and OCPP protocols for charging stations, please drop your email address.


Dear "Sukhjit" ,

We are searching for the same soltuion... 

I run a company that is developing some API to EV Charger, but we are really needd OCPP protocol on OpenEVSE.

If you find the solution, please let me know -

And if anyone know how to do it, please, post a link.


Is it possible to use digital communication for AC charging ? There is an indication of communication method using pilot signal duty cycle (3-7% for digital PLC, 7% and more for PWM). Digital is used for DC charging but I can not find any information if PLC is restricted only to DC.



Any car that supports CCS in theory can run Homeplug Green PHY over the pilot pin. Good luck getting the specs and probably keys. That's one thing nice about Chademo, it was all CAN BUS.

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Getting specs isn't an issue, matter of paying some €500 but before investing I am researching if digital communication is even applicable for AC charging at all, getting no clear answer to the question. Motivation: very interesting is promise to get car identification (certificate) and eventually state of charge, although I doubt this since OCPP 2.0: Part 1 specify ACChargingParameters object which does not mention state of charge in contrast to DCChargingParameters.



So i recently received a response to a ticket that OCPP should be out soon, any update?  Got a date?  I have a few charge networks wanting to certify your charger, I just need to send them one, then anyone can get OpenEVSE chargers online and earn money... :-)   Or just have it free, but show charging status online. 

We are almost there... OpenEVSE - OCPP Progress can be followed real-time on Github:

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Awww man! Excellent :)

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Does Open EVSE support OCPP 2.0 ?

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