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DC Fast Charger Chademo charger?

Have you look into making a Chademo charger?
Is there any reason why not build one?

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There are a few projects out there for CHAdeMO, High Voltage DC chargers are much more complex than an EVSE and last I checked the CHAdeMO plug was very expensive ($2,000+USD).

So... emotorwerks has some promising looking supplies, but honestly, I think they're probably so busy with Juicebox...

They do have a ChadeMo adapter that costs an arm and a leg too.

I think the ChadeMo protocol is a little easier to work with, since I guess it's CAN bus. CCS is some currently inaccessible standard data-over-powerline Green PHY gobbledegook. It looks like it's hard to even buy chips to do the talking, which really sucks.  Maybe somebody knows more about this than me can weigh in, but at any rate, drawing much more than 6 kw over your single phase home AC 220 lines starts to get in to get in to big fat expensive wire land and possibly the power company putting you in "demand" land. (at least that's what happened when I'd kick on my big vacuum pumps in NYC - if you draw over 10KW for 30 minutes, you get porked by ConEd from that day forward)


Appears a few companies are offering CHAdeMO and CCS connectors with their DC QC equipment:

Setec Power

Andromeda Power LLC 



There appears to be movement to design QC's for most home applications (50 or 60 amp dual breaker?) that can also be adapted to solar PV DC characteristics - with MPPT software functions - just starting to see that combination.

As this type of charging becomes more competitive and the advantages of S2V and V2G/V2H start outweighing the costs,  I'll bet the connector costs will come down substantially.  As I understand the CHAdeMO protocol also allows bi-directional DC current in 2014 Leafs and later - not sure about others.

So - Chris is it possible to develop an "open" system for DC QC with solar MPPT functionality?  Since it involves both the charger and the controller, can an "open" controller (CHAdeMO/CCS/Tesla) be designed around a charger specification that can be bought separately (emotorwerks)?  Design and build of an "open' charger for high voltage DC seems risky to say the least??

Not being an electronics designer - these are mostly observations and "open" questions - however the first real integration system of PV DC/MPPT functionality of a ~10-15 KW "affordable" QC (or even a 240 split phase based QC for those of us with 3.3KW AC based chargers) might be just the ticket for solar and EV enthusiasts. 

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