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rebuild and add features

 Hi, I'm a dutch guy, new to this forum and a novice to medium programmer on arduino. We are about to buy our first EV (Leaf). Since we don't own a private on-site parkingplace, the coucil has allowed us to put a private charging station at the general parking site (45meters away). This charging station will be connected to our smart meter wich has a P1 serial port (RS232). We have solar panels and intend to make a smart system that can measure the PV output. By 2021 "salderen" (return delivery of electricity) will hardly give any profit. So it'll be best to store and/or use. We also have a system with two different rates during the day. In the future tariffs will even be flexible per 15 minutes during the whole day.
I bought a Lolo Smart just to find out that it doesn't fulfill all my needs. It lacks free integration with the smart meter. Distance to smart meter is too long for RS232. Therefor I need RS485. It has no timers, no intelligence, no variable charging based on whatever. It has a GPRS system onboard for communication with the manufactures backoffice but that's limited. Overall configuration options are limited. It has RFID but it takes the same tag to start and stop charging wich is very inconvenient with more people using the same car. The good things about a Lolo Smart? The design is robust and is perfect for unattended locations. No vulnerable parts like buttons or display accept for a poweroutlet.

So, basically what I'm after is a Lolo Smart housing and pole packed with OpenEVSE but with added RFID, wired ethernet for configuration, timers, RS485, DCF77, variable charging based on some if/then/else and maybe even a MID certified meter through MODBUS or S0. A tilt-sensor to connect the charging station to an alarmsystem would be nice too.

Looking at the available pin's left on the atmega328 it would be best to switch to a mega2650.

What's your first reaction to my plan?

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