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Server Down ?

 I keep getting server refused connection and wondering if the problem is with my ISP setup?  I did get a significant windows update a few days ago but I can't log in with IOS on cellular either.

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Correct, no changes should be required on the user end. 

The issue was a bug in the EmonCMS software that prevented "Device Keys" from working correctly.

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I'm getting a connected status on the OpenEVSE and the Emoncms for OpenEVSE is showing new data.  I marked the post as "Solved".  I thought I posted an earlier message but I don't see it so repeating again. 

All good here, too.

Mine was not working until i reverted back to my old API write key. Thankfully i copied it down.

Currently the Write API key listed under my account is incorrect and does not  work.

So with the original write API key everything is working again.

The key you need to put in the OpenEVSE won't be the write API key from the My Account page. It's the Device key you'll find behind the cog icon on the Inputs page.

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Thanks Martin, that got me up and running with the broken feed, at least it's connected.  Of course I had already deleted and rebuilt some things so the new feed templates are named different things that I'll have to go back in and fix up, but at least it's all connected.

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