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Using Tesla OEM cable with Deluxe Kit without Adapter


My Tesla Wall Charger quit on me.  I don't plan to replace it and instead want to get an OeVSE kit.  

My question is:    I have original Tesla cable perfectly routed into a garage, and would like to keep using that original cable. It appears to have 2 pilot wires and 2 charge wires.      Would connecting it directly to a kit do the trick. Or there is something special in the Tesla "J" adapter?  If the answer is that original cable can be used then any idea on which color pilot wire to which terminal on OpenVSE ?  thanks in advance for the reply.

You can connect it directly.

Purple is Pilot 

Optionally you can connect Blue, which is the transmitter to open the charge port door. It requires 3.3v. To use with an OpenEVSE 5v output just add a few diodes in series to the blue wire to drop the voltage down a bit.

I'm interested in this same topic.  I purchased an EVSE Advanced kit about a year ago, and have a Tesla car coming soon.  I just acquired a charge cable from a Tesla Wall Adapter and want to wire it into my OpenEVSE box, replacing my J1772 cable & charge connector.

Besides the large gauge Red, Black, and Green wires, the Tesla cable has the following tiny gauge wires: Purple, Blue, Orange, White, and a thin black wire.  The response above suggests that Purple is the pilot, and that I need to apply 3.3v to the Blue wire, which I understand and can do.

What are the other wires used for?  Is the thin black wire the negative that goes with the 3.3v Blue wire?

Any help or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.  I love this EVSE and can't wait to plug it into a TM3.



The only thin wires you will use are the purple pilot wire and blue charge port transmitter. If you have WiFi you can send the blue right to the 3.3v output of the WiFi controller. All the grounds are the big green wire. The small white, black and orange are not used.

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