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Repurposing two Juice Boxes with Open EVSE inners - a question about clamps and LEDs.

We're repurposing two JuiceBox Pro 40 with Open EVSE hardware, with the ultimate goal of replacing the s****y firmware EnelX Is forcing on everyone with open source hardware and firmware inside the original cases. We'll be using MQTT and power sharing for two Open EVSEs sharing a single 50A single-phase supply. 

The relays in these units are notorious, so I'll be ordering a new relay and connections, but I think I can repurpose much of the rest of the unit. 

The case is high-quality metal, with a proper seal and a rubber dome with integrated WiFi antenna. I'll be ordering a WiFi board with external connector for compatibility there. 

The back plate is solid metal, and looks like it can be drilled for additional screws to hold components securely on nylon standoffs.  There's also a nice three LED setup with four-connector ribbon to the front of the case, and I'm hoping to be able to find a way to drive these for charging, power, and wifi connection status. 

I see that the current clamps used on the JuiceBox are CR8450 and CR8420. If I'm reading the documentation correctly, Open EVSE uses two CR8420s, one with a ground fault, and one without. Is that correct? If so, I assume I can repurpose my existing CR 8420 and order a new one with the current clamp and ground fault combined? 


OpenEVSE uses CR8450 for current measurement and CR8420 with 5 turn test coil for GFCI. The original Juicebox pretty much copied everything OpenEVSE was doing with proprietary protocols and software.

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Ah nuts, that was my thought - I guess it's too late to remove those two clamps from my order! 

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