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Unable to adjust amperage

 My EVSE randomly reset itself over the weekend last weekend. When I returned home it forced me to go through the new user setup again. I did not initiate this reset and have no idea why it occurred.

However: Now I find myself unable to adjust the amperage on the main charging screen. On my phone trying to drag the slider to lower the amperage does nothing. On the computer the mouse icon literally changes to a circle with a line through it to indicate that the control is disabled:


My screenshot tool wouldn't include the cursor in the image so I had to take a picture from my phone to show the circle with a line through it.  But as you can see: It clearly doesn't want me to adjust the slider.

How do I get back the ability to adjust the amperage down? I have 40 set as the "max" in the configuration screen but I should be able to quickly adjust it down from there on the main charging screen.

The configuration portal shows up when the station is unconfigured or the configured WiFi is unavailable. 

Is this issue all the time or just when an Active time limit is set?

It's an issue all the time now.

It wasn't just that the configuration portal showed up: the EVSE had lost ALL of it's configuration settings. And nothing else connected to Wifi lost it's connection. I have Smart hubs, Raspberry Pis and all sorts of things connected to the same Wifi network and nothing else had any connectivity issues.

If it happens again, we would highly recommend a reboot of the station just to make sure. We have never had a report of a WiFi module erasing itself, but is wifi is unavailable when the station is rebooted the module WILL boot up in configuration mode as a fail-safe. 

What WiFi version are you running? Are you running any services such as MQTT, solar divert of current shaper?



I am running MQTT and solar divert. But no current shaper.

If solar divert is Enabled Solar Divert should be controlling current. Are you able to control current if Solar Divert is Off?

Right, so if you examine the screenshot closely: You'll see that "Eco" mode is disabled, which temporarily disables Solar Divert for this charging session goes back to the default charge rate of 40 amps. If I enable solar divert the slide begins to move on it's own up and down based on solar power available. With solar divert enabled the maximum amperage it generally commands is around 30 amps or so.

However: prior to the EVSE crashing and resetting: Once I disabled ECO mode I was able to use the slider to adjust the amperage down from 40 amps. Now if I disable ECO mode it just locks the charge rate at 40 amps and I cannot adjust it.

Ok, I think i figured it out. Instead of trying to explain here I thought a video would be easier to illustrate:

Let me know if you're able to see the video ok. Bottom line it looks like a bug in the UI to me.


Looks like the video embed didn't work. Here's the link:

Okay, the link worked.

I will re-posting the bug and video as an issue where the developers can also see it here:

I have created an issue for the developers.


And just to follow up on the comment above, regarding the station factory resetting itself:

"If it happens again, we would highly recommend a reboot of the station just to make sure."

I wanted to clarify that I did reboot the station several times. I unplugged it and re-plugged it into the wall multiple times. And while I was standing directly in front of the unit I confirmed my phone had full bars of wifi signal and I attempted to connect to the stations IP with no avail. Each time I would notice the station would throw up it's own Wifi network instead of connecting to mine every time. Again: No other devices had any connectivity issues.

I'm also quite sure it had already erased itself before I re-ran the quick start wizard because the *reason* I was trying to connect to the unit on my phone is because when I arrived home and plugged my car in: It didn't start charging. I rebooted the unit multiple times and spent quite some time trying to connect to it before I finally just connected to the openevse wifi network and ran through the first time configuration wizard again. It was then that I discovered that the default setting for the unit was set to "Disabled" rather than "Enabled" which is why it didn't start charging when I initially plugged my car in.

So it was clearly more than just not being able to connect to my wifi: The settings had clearly been changed otherwise it should have started charging immediately when I plugged in. (I had solar divert and MQTT disabled at this point because of the MQTT reboot bug)

On one hand maybe I should be thankful as this reset cleared up my MQTT reboot issue. But it certainly concerns me a bit that it could just reset itself.


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