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Suitable relays for 3 phase Advanced Kit

Hi everyone,

I've just received my Advanced Kit, which I want to use as a 3 phase charger.  I've been looking over data sheets for 4 pole 40A contactors that are available in my country (Australia), and am coming up short of anything that would appear to fit in the OpenEVSE enclosure.

I'm wondering what 4 pole contactors others have used to make their charger 3 phase?  Can anyone offer a link or make/model details for suitable contactors?  Of course it'd be great if I could buy something locally, but if I have to source from somewhere outside Australia, I'd like to be sure I'm ordering something that will fit/work.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Dave, did you ever find a suitable relay for a 3-phase install into the Advanced Kit? I'm keen on buying an OpenEVSE but need 3-phase charging.

OpenEVSE has not found a 4 pole relay that fits in our enclosure. Everything we have tried is too tall. 

If a part is identified, we would certainly offer the part for sale as well as a 3 phase kit.

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Hope it's ok to bump questions.  I'm really hoping someone can give me a tip on what relay/contactor to buy.

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