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Problems with my build....

HI all, I'm having a few issues with getting my charger to work.    

- It boots up and openevse is runnign. it gets to the 'EV is disconnected' message. 
- If i enable relay checking it fails and says 'stuck relays'.. However, its never turning on the relay.    

- my relays are 12V input,  if i take the control line and attach it to ground ( as if it was being taken low by the controller, the relays operate as expected.. 
- I have dual relays, one on phase and one on neutral.. 

I have checked my Type2-Type2 cable, and it measures 205R between PP and GND. ( its a 32A cable. ).   The car ( Kia Ev6)  identifys that the cable is connected ). 

+12V and +5 rails seem stable and sensible. ( have not attached scope to it yet ), but are not drooping. 

Does anyone know if the devices are QC'ed and checked before shipping? 

Is there a way i can force the device to turn the realys on in some kind of test mode?  ( to check the hard ware )...

I knew i should have got this done *before* the car arrived.  charging at 10A with the trickle charger is going to take SOOOO long.

Im at a loss to know what To check, i've raised a support ticket, but that has not been answerd.

Well, no answers, no answer to support call.  I'm not sure what i can do..  Think i'll just ahve to go and buy a commerical charger...

The possiblity is that i've maybe damaged it.. somehowe, but How would I even know.

If you're getting the stuck relay message that means there's AC on the AC Test pins when there shouldn't be. Have you looked at this article?

Spent probalby too long on this, but have some good news.    I had some 60A contactors that have AC control circuits.. Attached those to the AC Relay controls.     The unit started up and detected the EV, and attempted to start to charge.  The car complained and disconnected after a minute. 

Atter a bit more investigation, i discovered that *ONLY* the  phase contactor was being turned on. I have a 2nd contactor on Neutral..   At no point does the 2nd AC control go live.....

What i have done as a interim measure is effectively bypass the contactor for the neutral and I connected to the neutral of my RCD.. ( I have a Type-B RCD in the box . 

Now the car is detected and it charges when phase goes live.  It measures the current properly.

On further investigation, of the Realys i had, i noted that these are not strictly DC inputs. They have a bridge rectifier in them, so you can energise them with low voltage AC or DC.   Lookign at the schematics, i suspect this may have been the problem...     

I'm acutally pretty happy with the using the contactor over the relay.. I had plenty of space in my box, as i already had a RCD in it, and din rail.  

I'd be keen to know what i need to do to get the 2nd ac output to energise.

Ive currently got the Stuck Relay dectection turned off as well.   For some reason i now can't change any of those configuraiton options.


Sorry for the slow response, I am a bit behind in support requests.

Glad you have made some progress.

I am not sure what you mean by second AC output. There are two DC outputs but just one AC output. One of the coil wires is tied to neutral and the second is switched with a solid state relay.

Here is a wiring example for an AC contactor from our Github source.

AC Relay 1 and AC Relay 2.  Just like in the diagram you've shown AC1 and AC2 being connected to the Live and Neutral.. However my Neutral never turns on.

AC relay 1 is physically connected to Neutral it is "Always ON" and can not be turned off unless you cut the trace on the board.

AC relay 2 is switched by a solid state relay IC5.

When the relay is in the OFF state, measuring from AC relay 1 to AC relay 2 should be 0v.

When the relay is in the ON state, measuring from AC relay 1 to AC Relay 2 should match your input voltage on AC IN 2 (physically connected to AC Relay 1) and AC IN 1 (switched to AC Relay 2 via IC5).

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