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Problem with the last order shipment and with the Customer support

Hi all,


I received a notification several weeks ago that my last order was on the way. After some days without any news or update by the shipment company (DHL) I contacted with them. They said to me that they didn't have the good that I had to call directly with the vendor to clarify the shipment status. Now I am trying to solve the problem with OPENEVSE customer support services but I don't have neither response of my support tickets nor by phone. Please, I need an urgent respond because I have paid in advace a lot money and this is no an acceptable response to solve a order# 9791.


Hi Javier,

We spoke on the phone earlier this week. I personally responded to your support ticket as soon as we opened this morning. Based on the time stamp (10 hours ago) and time difference, we were sleeping when you sent the support request. We are open from 0900 to 1700 EST.

As I promised during our phone conversation, I contacted DHL promptly. DHL mistakenly held your package because they believed it was a battery "Power Bank" which they can not transport.


Here is the photo I sent you.

Our products do not contain any batteries. We have repackaged and scheduled a DHL pickup for today.

Ok thanks for the explanation and sorry for the insistence in the last days but I t was impossible for me contact again after we receive lots of confusing messenges by DHL about the shipment status. Thanks again for your support. Only a recommendation, if you have a ticket systems to manage the customer support, please use it or disable. And also the automatic phone answer machine is full of mensagges and doesn't admints more. I hope you take this opinion as a constructive one to improve the quality of the services. I have installed several OPENEVSE units and always recommend your products. Best!
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