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Assembly instructions for advanced kit w/ 450BXX50 contactor and 4-wire harness?

 My Advanced Series -48A/40A - Kit Bundle arrived today, but the contactor and controller wiring harness don't look like what's pictured in the assembly guide (guide photo, kit parts). Does anyone know where the right instructions are?

Hi Mark,

You crossed the pond over to the UK. Open Energy Monitor sells kits for the European Market. The guide you linked is intended for kits bought from their store.

You are looking for this guide at here:


OpenEVSE Support


Thanks, that makes more sense!

I have a temperature sensor that's not mentioned in the instructions. Looks like it's I2C, and the two ports on the display are I2C, so it's supposed to be daisy-chained off the display and mounted to the lid? Here's what I did, does that seem right?



That seems to have worked, finished it up and able to charge last night, and it was reporting a temperature (didn't catch that in the photo).



The only other tricky part was tightening the cable glands. To get them tight enough I had to use wrenches, which I was a little worried would strip the plastic parts, but seems to have worked OK. To fit the narrow/inner part of the gland, the wrench I happened to have around that fit was an adjustable sink trap wrench, and then I tightened the gland’s nut with a regular crescent wrench. [Looks like you have to have a separate account to comment on the instructions themselves, so just leaving notes here for posterity.]


Glad to see that your unit is working as expected!

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