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Is OPENEVSE still alive?

Hey all!

I ordered their charger 21 days ago. Sent multiple emails, called, and opened a ticket (and messaged them multiple times in that ticket).

This is pretty unacceptable. Anyone know if they are still around or should I do a chargeback?

Does anyone have an Open EVSE for sale in the USA?

Thanks so much.

I finished up the build last night and successfully charged. Sorry to hear yours isn't working. I was just following these instructions, plus connecting the temperature sensor to the display via the I2C port that I hadn't used to connect the display to the main board.

I ordered and received the 40A advanced series kit recently but they sent me a nema 14-50 cable instead of the 14-XX cable it's supposed to come with. No response to tickets. I wish I could finish building so I could charge my car....

I received my kit in Spain 10 days ago, I had to wait about three weeks, not bad.

The kit was functional but the wifi module was broken, I've contacted the support with no answer till now, I'm not sure they even read the support tickets, they should say something in their shop before buying the products that they can not provide any support.

It is a petty they can not handle the support.

@Rich G 

@Enrique Aguirre

We are doing the best with the resources we have. The last two weeks OpenEVSE flew in help from California to North Carolina.

We are working through tickets as fast as we can. We currently have 1955 open tickets. Most are Spam and Junk Mail but it does take considerable time to sort through. 

If we focus solely on tickets we are not shipping orders, which generates tons of "When will my order ship tickets".  If we focus on shipping orders then tickets get behind. We try to balance both as best we can with the labor we have.

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