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Is OPENEVSE still alive?

Hey all!

I ordered their charger 21 days ago. Sent multiple emails, called, and opened a ticket (and messaged them multiple times in that ticket).

This is pretty unacceptable. Anyone know if they are still around or should I do a chargeback?

Does anyone have an Open EVSE for sale in the USA?

Thanks so much.

Hi Doug,

I was wondering the same question.  I submitted a support ticket 11 days ago that no one answered.  If you call them it says their voicemail is full. I also sent an email which creates a support ticket.  Very strange...



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I've had the same problem, very very worrying,I suspect a problem controller but don't know what to do about it. And I'm now wary of ordering another, especially since they haven't answered the numerous support tickets or emails

Can we just have a sign that someone is there? If support is difficult and you are busy, let us know, it's not knowing and the lack of comms that is the problem. 

Just called their number again - and voice mail box is full. 
Anyone here in North Carolina?

FWIW, I ordered an Advanced 40A kit on Aug 28 and received it on Sep 14. During that time I also submitted a Support ticket asking about my order status (when it would ship) and never received a response. But the unit did eventually arrive and I've assembled it and it's working well.

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I ordered an advanced kit and got it at roughly the same date as you. However the comms of all types has totally vanished since about then. And mine is non functional, I'm very wary of buying another controller when there is no sign of life from openEVSE

Wow. That is not acceptable to treat you like that, Anthony. Sorry to hear about that.

OpenEVSE, if I have to call 3 times a day and leave multiple messages, then this is completely not acceptable. 21 days and no response.

You have a customer that ha a nonfunctional unit and no response. .

Sadly it's impossible to leave a message, their message back is full... I'm going to try today to get someone in that block of offices in north Carolina to see if they're still in there.

OpenEVSE has not gone anywhere. We are currently dealing with staffing and part shortages. Lead times for factory built stations is about 4-5 weeks. Kits 2-3 weeks. Parts 1-2 weeks.  

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Hi all,

I submitted a first ticket in August, and never got a reply.

I decided to go ahead and order the wifi replacement modules, which still have not arrived.

According to USPS, the package left Miami and arrived a few minutes later in Miami. Three weeks later it is still there and apparently I'm not eligible to submit an inquiry.

@OpenEVSE, please let us know what is happening. Staff and parts shortages are the new normal but the very least you could put an update on the webpage so we know what to expect.


Postal service shipping transfers from the United Stated Postal Service to the Postal Service in your country when it leaves the United States from the port (Miami). Data is not always exchanged between postal services. It may be possible to track your package on the website of the postal service in your country using the tracking number provided.

@openevse support,

Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated.

I checked the tracking details on the USPS and NZ Post websites, when I didn't get any further with that I called NZ Post who said the package left and then arrived back in Miami (according to their system that has a bit more detail than what us mere mortals can see on public websites) in other words had not left the US and only then contacted you.

Just sharing my experience, and thanks OpenEVSE support for letting us know the status; focusing on shipping out kits seems reasonable. I see there's now a "backorder / lead time 4 weeks" notice on the store page, which definitely seems helpful.

Sep 23: Ordered anadvanced series kit bundle

Sep 29: Sent an email to support checking on status

Oct 3: Support replied estimating 1-2 weeks until shipping

Oct 12: shipped

Oct 19: arrived (MA, USA)

I purchased mine when the notice was lifted temporary thinking it would ship soon but was half expecting to take a month. This has been my experience. 

Sept 6: Ordered advanced series kit bundle 

Oct 10: shipped

Oct 13: arrived (TX, USA) 

Oct 15: assembled - not operational - emailed support 

I've already put it together according to the guide but was not successful in getting it up and running straight out of the box.  I do not get any response from the OpenEVSE board or character display, though the WiFi module works fine and was able to get it on my network. 

@Mark Fickett let me know how your build goes.

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