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Type B RCD, OpenEVSE

I'm required to install a type B RCD.. as part of my install..   I appreicate that the system has a software RCD configured, and i understand that it is 'tested' every time the device in use..

If i have this RCD upstream of my charger, the 'test' is likely to trip the rcd i would have thought?  I'd be in an endless circle of reseting it and never being able to charge..

I'm thinking that the way to do this is probalbly to disable / remove this function from software?    

Any suggestsions

With a Type B RCD the OpenEVSE GFCI test coil is not needed. It should be disconnected and GFCI Self Test should be disabled.

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I’ve had a Type B RCD in the supply to my openEVSE for about a year without running into any issues. I’m curious to know why OpenEVSE Support say that the coil should be disconnected and the test disabled?

@Paul, possibly the openEVSE is faster than the Type B?  so tripping first. 

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