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Shipping times

I ordered a fully assembled kit happy to wait a month. It's now going on 2 months. 

The shipping label was created, but the tracking has not been updated in 22 days. I started a support ticket to see if there was any news - that was 7 days ago - no response. And today I'm trying to call the support number with no answers and no room on the machine to leave a message. 

Are you guys OK?

I am wondering too

I think theres been some pretty serious parts supply issues, but the good news is today it appears resolved and the items are no longer on backorder.. 

Andrew is correct. There have been many part shortages and delays. Parts ordered in November 2021 and February 2022 are beginning to arrive. Ship dates from suppliers have been all over the place, most parts have arrived later than projected. Some parts we are building by hand (Display modules) as soon as the components arrive to avoid another 4-6 weeks for a PCB fabricator.

The best way to get a hold of us is calling (866) 967-3638 M - F from 9AM - 5PM EST. There is a backlog of support tickets as we have been prioritizing building parts and getting orders out the door.

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