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Charge rates less than 6A ( for use with off grid solar )...

Hello, I've just ordered a Kia EV6 with delivery expected in earl 2023. ( yes, long wait )..     I am wanting to build some solar charging, to go with it.. I fully expect that there will be times when i wont' have sufficent sunshine to produce 6A @230V.  ( middle of winter )..   In summer time i'll have an abundence..

Is there a way to get lower charge currents than 6A?    I want to use what i produce even if its not much.. I can 'top' up at night on cheaper grid based power.   

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The SAE J1772 and IEC standards for EV charging define the minimum as 6A.  There is no way to command a lower current.

On a related note, is there a way to set the minimum HIGHER than 6A?

i.e. I have eco mode turned on, and want to divert my solar to the car, however the car is much more efficient charging at higher rates, so I'm not sure if I want to bother when it's only 6A and would rather wait until there was closer to 10A available. Can the minimum for ECO mode be raised?

I have the same question (even if I have 3 phase 400V)

And I tried to "play" with the RAPI commands and with the HTTP API : it seems impossible to go lower than 6A. I read somewhere that is related to the charging standard of the EV.

The minimum for the station can be set higher, but since it is not a common setting it has to be done in the source code.

The MIN_CURRENT_CAPACITY_J1772  line in open_evse.h file would need to be modified and recompiled.

// current capacity in amps



// minimum allowable current in amps


// maximum allowable current in amps

#define MAX_CURRENT_CAPACITY_L1 16 // J1772 Max for L1 on a 20A circuit = 16, 15A circuit = 12

#define MAX_CURRENT_CAPACITY_L2 80 // J1772 Max for L2 = 80

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