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EVSE cable for Kia Soouol EV

I read somewhere that 6A is the lowest legally allowed amperage for EVSE cables. Does anyone know where I can get a 6A (or lower) rated EVSE cable for my Kia Soul EV? Thank you. 

The SAE and J1772 standards define the minimum charge current as 6A. It is not possible to request  a charge rate below 6A.  The systems to support the charging and battery take a bit of power efficiency is horrible at such a slow rate as these systems must run much longer. 

We have seen reports of vehicles discharging at Level 1 6A in the winter as the battery heating systems were drawing more than the 720 watts that was going into the battery.  

The ratings of a cable are maximum, a 40A cable can charge at 6A without any issue.

Thank you

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