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Low Amperage Charging - is it possible?

 Hi All, please be kind this is my first post.

I am a proud owner of a Mitsubishi PHEV and have just come home from a trip around Europe with a caravan. Most times in the UK I can use the camping site power supply to charge the car (10A over 5 hrs) Problems arise in Europe when the campsite power trips at 6A, sometimes 4A. Often I am unable to use the electric kettle.

I would therefore like to know if an EVSE has ever been created to only use a low current, say 4A. I would be happy to use it in the above circumstances by charging overnight for 8 hrs or more.

No worries, We are a kind group around here...

The lowest the charging standards allow is 6A. It is not possible to go any lower.

 Thanks for that info. I see on your site that there's a Panasonic unit that is adjustable down to 6A, I may give that a go next time I'm in Europe. Most of the sites that have 4A trips installed are down south - where caravan heaters aren't used much, the rest are mainly 6A but.

Hi I have a related question. If the power is coming from solar? 1000w of solar DC produces ~ 18v through solar controllers that come on backside of panels --> 1500w pure sine inverter --> a 12A J1772 120v adapter plugged into the inverter and the J1772 end directly into a plug-in Prius designated at flow rate of 8A, if it gets 'cloudy' and amps fall below 8A, any harm to the Prius batteries? Thanks for any help:) 

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