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Charging stop/starts constantly

 Hi folks,

I opened a ticket a couple of weeks ago for a problem I'm having but there's been no follow-up so I hoping someone here can help.

Lately, my 5-year-old, level 2, 40A WiFi enabled charger has developed a fault.  If I plugin and start the charge it charges fine for a while.  However, I come back later to the sound of the relay switching on and off constantly.  The session status on the webpage cycles quickly between EV Connected and Charging. There's no change in any of the Error Counts. It's doing this with two different cars.

Something I noticed, though maybe this is normal behaviour: if the car is unplugged, the charger is in Eco mode and there is enough excess then the status cycles quickly between "Waiting"and "Not Connected".


OpenEVSE Firmware 5.0.1.EU

WiFi Firmware version 2.9.1

I have rebooted the charger to no avail.

Any assistance in troubleshooting this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


I have a very similar issue with my 1 year old EVSE and my Model 3.  With no errors I am not sure how to proceed with troubleshooting it.


Firmware: 7.1.3


Firmware config: openevse_wifi_v1

Firmware version: 4.1.1

ESP info: ESP32r1 2 core WiFi BLE BT

Flash Size: 4096K

Free RAM: 206K













Did you get anywhere with your problem Nick?  My charger has been behaving itself of late.

I have not. I switched to the mobile EVSE that came with my car. Last time I had an issue like this it went away when the weather warmed up. Any chance it was cold in your area and warmed up?

It has got a bit warmer but also a lot drier.  I should really have a peak inside to see if anything unusual catches my eye.

Since it's warm here my EVSE is working properly again......  I updated to Firmware 8.2 and Wifi 4.1.2 yesterday.  Hopefully there was some sort of bug fix that may help this not reoccur next winter.

It is likely a wet/dry issue. The behavior sounds like water may have been conducting between Pilot and Ground pins in the handle.

My EVSE is garage kept and as long as the weather is warm it doesn't matter if the car is rain soaked or super dry.  Works great when it's warm, refuses to charge my Tesla when it's cold.  I also used to have a Bolt at the same time as the Tesla and it worked perfect with the Bolt on the exact same days it refused to work with the Tesla.

Last night the temps dropped to around 50 F and charging stopped after it had charged without issue for 2 hours.  It started again and finished with no intervention.  The only thing I noticed this time is the outside temp in Fahrenheit was the same as the EVSE temp in Celsius. (Same number, not actual temp)

5/9/2022, 8:01:29 AMinformationEV Not connected21.84 kWh53.0 °C
5/8/2022, 11:31:17 PMinformationEV Connected21.84 kWh53.0 °C
5/8/2022, 9:13:43 PMinformationCharging0.00 kWh23.9 °C
5/8/2022, 9:13:41 PMinformationEV Connected0.00 kWh23.9 °C
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