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Change Baud Rate and upload firmware

Hi, I changed the baud rate (to 19200) in open_evse.h and I want to upload it to the openEVSE board. I successfully compiled my code (as Arduino UNO). How can i upload the open_evse.ino (v5.0.1)? In Arduino IDE, I choose Export Compiled Binary the I have these files:


Should I change the name to open_evse.hex and eeprom_24.bin and run flash.bat?

Or can I use the programmer?  I have FTDI 232 and USBASP programmer.

Or is there any way to change baud rate without Wifi module?

Please, help me.

You should use the USBASP.

Rename open_evse.ino.hex to open_evse.hex.

There is no way to change the baudrate other than changing the source code and recompile. If you use WiFi you will need to change the baud rate in the WiFi source code also, both must match.

Is there a particular reason you are using an older version 5.0.1 from October 2018 and want to change the baud rate from the default? The current firmware version is 7.1.6.

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Rename open_evse.ino.hex to open_evse.hex. Does this means bin file will stay as eeprom_24.bin? I don't need to change the file?

The reason I am using version 5.0.1 is because latest version did not have many options in the button menu. I wanted to disable the ground check.

Is this the latest version?

I don't see the flash.bat, open_evse.hex or eeprom_24.bin .

How should I upload this firmware?


Thanks for the reply,

Should I rename the bin file? When I don't change the 5.0.1 open_evse.ino and upload it to the OpenEVSE by renaming open_evse.ino.hex to open_evse.hex and open_evse.ino.with_bootloader.bin to eeprom_24.bin, it is so different from the flash.bat file. LCD is very different. Do you know why?

The version 5.0.1 has Button menu while 7.1.3 doesn't have many options in Button menu.

The latest firmware 7.1.6 is very confusing, it doesn't have hex, bin, flash files and I don't know how to upload this. Please, help me.


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