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No ground error

AC/DC converter of OpenEVSE is broken. So, I am giving 12V and 5V manually.

LCD displays "ready", "connected", "vent required".

When it says "charging", the relay closes, but it says "no ground" after a few seconds.

I am using a simulator circuit instead of J1772.

How do I get earth ground? What do I do?

The ground check works by passing AC power from the AC_TEST lines on the output of the relay to ground.  Either you do not have AC power on the relay or there is no ground.

Earth Ground is supplied through your Electrical system, panel and ground rod at the electrical entrance to your home/building. 

I am testing openevse board connecting it to a heater. It only has L, N and doesn't have Ground.

I connected earth ground to other grounds.

Will it work fine?


OpenEVSE is testing that the supply ground is okay, it will work fine without a ground on your test load.

Thanks for the help!

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