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How to indicate 3 phase to OpenEVSE?

Hi all, 

I am in France where my home is supplied with 3 phase electricity.

The voltage between phase is 400Vac and between phase and Neutral 230Vac. 

I connected the OpenEVSE between Phase 1 and Neutral to obtain 230Vac on the OpenEVSE card and the current transformer on phase 1.

How do I tell the openEVSE that the load is on L1 / L2 / L3 / N?

Because the power values are not good.

Thank you

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OpenEnergyMonitor maintains EU specific  firmware that replaced L1 and L2 settings with 1 Phase and 3 Phase.

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Hi! It has been discussed already. You would have to update the firmware.

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Hi, thank you for this response, 

Can you help me download firmware in openEVSE? I am looking for a procedure but I cannot find

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