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How much extra power is available from the onboard DC power supply?

I just purchased an OpenEVSE Plus v5 module.   I was wondering how much power is available from it for running displays, wifi, relays, etc?


Sorry meant to say Ver 5.5

The supply on ABF-04-1205 used on OpenEVSE is 4 watts total,  the primay is 12v and secondary 5v. The OpenEVSE WiFi module and relays are powered from the 12v supply and the OpenEVSE display is on the 5v supply.

12v - 250ma - 3 watts

5v - 120ma - 0.6 watts


Yes, that is all clearly printed on the power module.

I was asking how much of that is available for external components, i.e. how much is left? 

The OpenEVSE ver 5.5 module uses some of this power, how much?

The external components use the majority of the power. The main microprossor uses about 15ma on 5v and the pilot signal uses 12ma on 12v.

Excellent!   Thanks.

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