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Relay not opening when charging completes

I have replaced the Struthers Dunn contactor with a 230v relay. Power-on tests seem to work as expected, and I can charge just fine - Relay closes when I plug in, and relay opens when I disconnect the cable, as expected. However, the relay does not seem to open when the vehicle stops the charging; Ie, when I unlock the car or the vehicle is fully charged. I am 99% sure it did with the 12v Struthers Dunn contactor. My Current Measurement Transformer is not connected, but I dont think that should have any relation to relay controls? Any thoughts? Thanks, /Thomas

The relay will open when the vehicle commands a change from Charging State to Connected. The vehicle may leave the vehicle in Charging state when unlocking in order not to cycle the relay too many times if it is not sure the session is over. Watch the screen on the station, it will let you know the stat that is commanded by the vehicle.

If the vehicle commands to relay to open by changing state and it does not open a "Stuck Relay" error will be displayed. 

Hi, this is the problem I am having today.  What parts do I need to replace to fix this, already replaced the relay, still have the problem once the car is fully charged.  Unlocking and opening the door while charging has no effect.  Once the car is fully charged, the error of closed contacts appears, box turns red, I unplug the car, hand trigger does not open the relay, then I have to cycle the breaker to be ready for the next charge.  I am ready to order parts.


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