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Unit doesnt charge

 Hi, im in the UK and have built my evse unit with Wifi

It powers on ok, self test on the LCD goes through but no relay test noise, self test doesn't fail or show any errors, shows L2 connected 32amp . I have setup wifi and under the openevse tab it shows OpenEVSE not responding or not connected, when i plug the car in it shows connected but never charges, no relay noise, nothing.

I have checked and double checked all the connections are correct.

None of the instructions I can find online match up to the hardware I received, all the relays look different models and so does the control board, the instructions online all show screw down terminals for the LCD connection and relay but mine are premade with proper board connectors.

under the system tab I see

RAPI packets:
0 of 73

It sounds like two issues. 

The station will only cycle the relay at startup when service level is set to Auto, which is common in North America but useless in Europe. If the service level is set to L2 then the relay will not cycle. 

When plugging the vehicle in does the charging station display change to connected? Does the vehicle also detect the plug? If the vehicle does not detect the plug then you need to check the PP resistor from the PP pin to ground (Type 2 connector) or the proximity button resistor (Type 1 Connector).

The RAPI packets / OpenEVSE not responding is the connection between WiFi board and the controller is not connected securely or the connection is offset by a pin or reversed.


Yes the display on the EVSE changes to connected and the vehicle beeps twice and locks the cable in to the charge port on the car. nut nothing happens, no relay clicks nothing.

The cable is known good as it works if i swap it back to my old charger straight away.

I have double checked the cable from the wifi board to the controller and its connected hence it powers up the wifi unit, I also have a spare cable that is also pin swapped on rx and tx like the original and it still doesn't work. Its as if the controller is dead.
Just to add, the cable cant be revered or offset as it has a keyed socket on both the controller board and the wifi board.
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