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button behaviour

Hi All,

Im running the latest hardware and firmware version 4.0.0

Ive just fitted a button to the unit and the aim of this was to toggle modes between eco and normal.

I cant find any documentation on what the button behaviour should be but what I am experiencing seems a bit odd. 

When I single click the button I get no change. When I double click it I get a change to "manual override" but also this seems to reset the wifi enabling the hotspot. Other settings are retained.

Any thoughts? is this a bug? 

Thanks, MikeC

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The button processing has just been moved from the OpenEVSE controller to the WiFi, there are a couple of known issues (see below). The button does not toggle between eco and normal but that is a good idea, it currently is an override for START STOP timers.

@glynhudson glynhudson released this on Feb 17

In this significant update to the control of the LCD display and timer functions. V4.x now includes timers for LCD units with or without the real-time clock (RTC) hardware.

IMPORTANT: Breaking change! This release recommends a minimum of 7.1.2 of the OpenEVSE controller firmware, some advanced features do not function on older firmware.

Instructions on updating the OpenEVSE firmware see How to Load OpenEVSE Firmware (WinAVR)

  • Time & timer functions moved from the open_evse controller to the ESP32 WiFi
  • Hardware RTC & coin cell battery removed from LCD
  • More information now shown via LCD cycling e.g lifetime kWh, EVSE temp, how long is left until schedule end-time
  • Not yet implemented but now possible to implement more advanced timer functions e.g weekly schedule
  • openevse_wifi_v1 hardware has replaced the openevse_huzzah32_idf is now the default firmware build target
  • RGB Neopixel LED's
  • Car connection status is now reported via API and UI

Video demo

Known Issues

  • Manual push button override does not yet work push button is working but functionality is being improved #147
  • Before updating to this Beta version existing START STOP timers must be removed #170

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