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Updated to V3.3.2 FW and LED Remains White

I updated the WiFi FW to V3.3.2  on my week old Advanced Series 40A and now the LED on the WiFi module remains white through the different states (i.e. charging, sleeping, etc). My OpenEVSE Hardware FW is V5.0.1. I used the firmware.bin Pre-compiled for Huzzah32 , updated it via the web interface and received confirmation that the FW was updated.

The LCD is set to Color and I am able to change the Backlight Color though the RAPI System Function(s).

Any ideas how to correct this issue?

The code for the new hardware was just merged into the main codebase.

The LEDs will be supported on the next release.

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Thank you for sharing that information so quickly, I will watch for the new release!

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