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ChargePoint conversion to OpenEVSE

At the time of posting I am not done writing this up yet, I need to add details and videos, but I wanted to get what I had out there in case someone else is looking to do something similar! CONVERT A CHARGEPOINT CT2000 TO OPENEVSE! Lots of these older ChargePoint, Leviton, Siemens chargers are showing up on the market as people tear them out due to ChargePoint forcing customers to upgrade to the newer CT4000 chargers. That opens the door for the little guys to own one of these really well built well known chargers! Check out my blog entry showing how easy it is to convert one of these chargers using one or two OpenEVSE kits!!

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Very nice, please let us know when the blog is finished. We will share via our Social Media Channels if that is Okay.


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You can go ahead and share it if you like.. I may add some more but its pretty much good for now. 

Changed display #1 to a white on black OLED display, much easier to read. Lost the RGB but have that in the status led. I think it’s worth it! Thoughts?

This is awesome! I just got some of the OpenEVSE parts for this exact purpose after taking apart a ChargePoint and realizing it may be easier to supplant some OpenEVSE parts. Heading to your site Pir8radio, thanks!

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@Tipsy let me know what you think. Different ideas etc.

I guess I can't edit my first post here...  so here is the new Blog URL with Pictures and all of that good stuff on my chargepoint conversion...

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