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Australian plug - AS/NZS 3123


I've bought an openevse charger which comes with a IEC_60309 plug, however, this isn't supported in Australia.

I've sourced an Australian (AS/NZS 3123) standard plug and it does look quite straightforward to replace the IEC with the Australian plug.

Do I need to make any modifications to the regulator which powers the relay and Arduino boards to accept 240V?


No changes are required. OpenEVSE uses a Universal Switch Mode power supply and can take any input from 96 - 264v 50 or 60 hz Single or Split Phase. 

After you remove the IEC CEE 60309 connect:

Red - Hot

Black - Neutral (Hot 2 for Split Phase)

Green - Earth Ground 

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Thanks for the help, all working now. 

Here is a video of the setup.

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