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OpenEVSE shows ready but wont connect or charge


I have built my own openEVSE controler board that is exactly the same as the original i bought from the website.

The original one works perfectly even  when i connect it to the EV simulator, but the replica always shows gfci fault even if I disabled it in the lcd menu. I then decided to disable gfci in the arduino code since i wont need it anyway and i folowed this guide to do it: After the code compiled i uploaded it to the controler and it apears to work fine since it passes all the checks and displays "ready" on the lcd.

But when i switch on the switches on the EV simulator nothing happens. I even measured the PP signal on the microcontroler pins and it apears to be fine. The voltage levels are the same as that of the original board, however the board is not generating a PWM signal, which i think is normal when the board has an error, but not normal in this case since the lcd is showing ready.

I want to know if there is another parameter thats required for charging that maybe doesnt show up on the LCD? I checked the oficial flowchart and it doesnt make any sense why the board is not doing anything when it absolutly 100% gets the required signal on the pilot pin. I also checked all the grounds on the board and they are all connected.

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