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Customer Support

Just wanted to compliment the company on their excellent customer support. I had a problem in that my EVSE would not charge my new Model 3 and following numerous 'test this' and 'test that' suggestions and after dismantling and rebuilding the EVSE, Chris organised to have a loaner Control Board sent to eliminate the unlikely possibility that there was a fault on my board; there wasn't. Having eliminated that possibility, the problem was eventually traced to an obscure fault with my Type 2 Mennekes plug.

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Hi I just what to say thank you, what a fantastic device. Timely shipping, professional support and what a fantastic product, easy to build, works on Australian domestic supplies and communicated no problems with my onboard charger. Wifi visibility of important stats and MQTT support for later development. I am super impressed. Thank you very much


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Thank you Stephen,

You did a fantastic job describing the issue and validating every aspect of the charging station. The detailed information and test results you provided was fantastic. We are very happy this obscure issue was finally resolved.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a joyful New Year


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