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Question on GFCI fault retry

 Docs seem to indicate that OpenEVSE will retry after a GFCI fault, but I've had a fair number of nuisance trips (maybe 5 or so in a year) and looking at the most recent event, I don't see any state change after the initial GFCI fault state.  Should I see a state change which indicates that it's doing a retry?

Resetting the unit via the wifi interface ultimately allowed charging to begin.

There are two types of faults. A fault that happens randomly will retry an unlimited times. If the fault happens immediately when charging begins or restarts the station is locked out, retry is not allowed.

Here is the logic flow chart.

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Ok, I guess that must be what happened.  (I had noticed this on the flow chart, but wasn't sure what what constituted a "random" fault.)  I was going to set an alert to let me know if a GFCI fault occurs but with scheduled charging, notices at 2am don't do me much good on most days.  :)

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