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Never booted

I just finished assembling my OpenEVSE but I can't get it to start.

There are no noises from the contactor and the lcd is dark when I connect it to power.

There is 12V on the 12V terminal and I measured 5V on the lcd so the power supply seems good.

I've tried to disconnect the WiFi module and the current measurment transformer with no change in behaviour.

What would be the expected result if I connected a ftdi-cable instead of the wifi module? Could that diagnose anything?

It sounds like either the LCD cable is flipped preventing boot, or the firmware needs to be reloaded.

I very much doubt that I have flipped the LCD cable. I measured the correct voltage with correct polarity on the LCD PCB.

After much trouble I finally got avrdude working. Version 6.3 on OSX with a TTL232R-5V ftdi cable as programmer.

The loaded firmware doesn't match the 5.0.1 release from github.

Looking into the binary there is a string 5.1.0.EU.

Where can I find this release so I can verify the program?

Also, the fuses read by avrdude doesn't match the ones given in the `flash.bat` file in the 5.0.1 release.

I've got E:FC, H:DF, L:FF and the bat-file says efuse should be 04. An attempt to write the efuse was met with a write failure and no change to the read fuse value.

My experience with AVR is a bit thin and a while back in time as well, but as far as I can tell it means brownout detection is disabled, which I interpret as a good thing. There shouldn't be any spurious brownout resets. Am I correct in this?

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